Using it for iOS Projects

Here is the basic version:

  1. Create new Project in Xcode (File Menu / New / Project)
  2. Select iOS / Swift Package Manager App
  3. Give it a name, optionally preconfigure SPM modules you want
  4. Build project (can take a moment w/o an image)
  5. In Package.swift, add modules as you wish, e.g. cows
  6. in AppDelegate.swift, import cows, do print(cows.vaca())
  7. Build project and run

Using it for macOS Projects

A macOS command line template is included, but you can also create a Cocoa app using the manual setup (to be fixed ...).

Using it for Server Side Swift

We provide a set of images for Kitura etc.

Manual Setup for any Project

The functionality can be added to any existing project, there is no requirement to use the templates.

Steps: - Create a Package.swift in your project, DO NOT ADD it to the Xcode target - Add an Xcode shell buildstep to your target, put it at the very top. Within that, invoke swift xcode build (optionally prefixed by an SPM_IMAGE=ImageYouWantToUse) - Add some build settings (either in Xcode or in an xcconfig file): - "Header Search Paths" / HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS - $(SRCROOT)/$(PRODUCT_NAME)/.buildzz/.build/Xcode/$(PLATFORM_PREFERRED_ARCH)-apple-$(SWIFT_PLATFORM_TARGET_PREFIX)$($(DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_SETTING_NAME))/$(CONFIGURATION) - "Import Paths" (Swift) / SWIFT_INCLUDE_PATHS - $(SRCROOT)/$(PRODUCT_NAME)/.buildzz/.build/$(PLATFORM_PREFERRED_ARCH)-apple-$(SWIFT_PLATFORM_TARGET_PREFIX)$($(DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_SETTING_NAME))/$(CONFIGURATION) - "Library Search Paths" / LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS - $(SRCROOT)/$(PRODUCT_NAME)/.buildzz/.build/Xcode/$(PLATFORM_PREFERRED_ARCH)-apple-$(SWIFT_PLATFORM_TARGET_PREFIX)$($(DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_SETTING_NAME))/$(CONFIGURATION) - "Other Linker Flags" / OTHER_LDFLAGS - -lXcodeSPMDependencies

If you do this a lot and you don't want to use the templates, create an xcconfig file to carry the settings, and just add that to your project. We also provide an xcconfig you can use/include: /usr/local/lib/xcconfig/swift-xcode.xcconfig.